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Removal of rough/sharp edges left after the manufacturing process for both metal and plastic applications, bringing your parts into specification.



Surface preparation via an air blast process which allows for scale, rust, and paint removal along with surface refinement for plating/coating application.  We have the ability to use a variety of medias to accomplish our customers desired finish.



A process for blending roughened surfaces through a combination of specific media and compounds providing a smoother and brighter surface finish.

rust removal 500

Rust Removal

If you have parts that have rusted contact us before scrapping.  We have refined our rust removal process over the last 70 years, and have great success bringing customers parts back to life.



Removal of machine oil and debris from parts through a cleaning process to achieve your desired result.


Radius Creation

Refining the edges of your parts to a specific roundness or radius.   Our process in conjunction with our quality lab has the capabilities to achieve even the tightest of specs.

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Heat-Treat Scale Removal

Either through a blasting or vibratory process, we provide many of our customers with scale removal after heat-treat to accomplish their desired finish.


Chemically Accelerated Super Finishing

A chemical process for surface refinement which can easily achieve Ra values (in) in the single digits.  This surface refinement will not only provide the smoothest of finishes, but a mirror-like appearance


We have been finishing customers parts since 1946.

If you manufacture metal or plastic parts, whether stamped, cast, extruded or machined, you can reduce your cost by utilizing our 20,000 square foot job shop finishing facilities. Burrs, sharp edges, tool marks, flash and heat-treat scale can be removed by our precision controlled vibratory deburring techniques. Our ISO 9001:2015 Registered Company production facility is conveniently located near the intersection of I-271 and I-480. We offer quick turnaround of your parts should you choose us as your outside source for your mass finishing needs. We have over 40 pieces of deburring, blasting and cleaning equipment in all sizes.

So if you have small batches of parts or large quantities of parts we can process them efficiently, quickly and economically.

Our complete blasting service utilizes glass beads, aluminum oxide or other more exotic blasting materials for peening, etching or deburring.

Our lab is always available for no-charge evaluation of your finishing requirements. For more on our vibratory deburring and mass finishing services, contact us.




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