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Empire specializes in the design and manufacture of air-blast equipment and continues as an industry leader for almost 75 years.  Today, Empire produces the most extensive line of air-blast products in the world.

In addition to ProFinish® Systems, our product line includes ProFormer ™ manual cabinets, Econo-Finish® and Modofied manual blast cabinets, Suberblast Portable Blasters, Pre-Engineered Blast Booth Sytmes (PEB), Field Erected Custom Blast Rooms, fully Automated Air-blast Systems and Robotic Blast Systems.

Empire Abrasive Equipment Company’s reputation as a leader in air-blast technology is the result of meeting our customer’s demand for quality equipment and systems that deliver increased productivity.

We support our equipment with training, technical service, turnkey installation and lab testing.  When you need advice, assistance, equipment or spare parts, on short notice, our global distributor network assures assistance is nearby.

Since 1993, JRI Cleaning System is proud to be a continuing leader in the parts washing industry with one of the most complete lines of parts washers and parts cleaning systems. JRI Cleaning Systems, as well as being well finance and insured, is one of the largest and most experienced parts washer manufacturers in the United States. Our employees are committed to not only meeting, but exceeding our customers’ expectations; we are JRI Cleaning Systems, and we are proud to assist you with your washing needs.

With over 120 years of history and experience, we have provided finishing solutions for the Automotive, Aircraft and Aerospace, Orthodpedic and Medical, Sporting Goods, Plumbing Fixtures, Rental, and the Firearms and Defense industries.
If your industrial part needs deburring, polishing, buffing, brushing, burnishing, descaling, grinding, washing/cleaning, or the surface improved or prepared for plating, Hammond Roto-Finish has a solution for you. As a machine manufacturer of both custom and stock machines we listen to the customers needs and offer solutions that will best suit them.

Gibson separates itself in the industry by gaining a deep understanding of what best suits the customer's process and designing a solution to fill the need.  As an original equipment manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our customer success stories.  Our 100% focus on shot-blasting solutions has made us very good at what we do.  Our emphasis, as always, is on quality, process, customer service and unbiased processing recommendations.  This has served - and will continue to serve - as the foundation for our business

DURAMEDIA® XC is an aluminum oxide based ceramic media containing a greater concentration of coarser grade aluminum oxide and is known for its fast cutting capability. (90 lbs. /cubic foot, color: olive green)


DURAMEDIA® WK is an aluminum oxide based ceramic media that offers efficient and fast-cutting capabilities. It can be used in all types of mass finishing equipment and has excellent wear characteristics, especially when used in high energy machines. (100 lbs. /cubic foot, color: tan)

DURAMEDIA® Stainless Steel 300 Series is the most common chemistry of stainless steel media, and is recommended when complete freedom from rust is essential. It can cut finishing times by using more acidic compounds in aggressive processes and has the ability to resist corrosion and can eliminate or reduce compounds. It can eliminate contamination from chemical interactions (i.e., iron impregnation) that takes place during some finishing processes. Maintenance, storage and handling costs of stainless steel are much lower than carbon steel. 

DURAMEDIA® PWS is a proprietary ceramic media with fused zirconia abrasive. The harder the alloy, the more it separates itself from standard products. It has a mild attrition rate for a media this aggressive. (105 lbs. /cubic foot, color: off-white)

DURAMEDIA® Plastic Low Density 40 (DPLD 40) is a general purpose resin-bonded plastic media for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is fast cutting and provides a smooth matte finish. (68 lbs. /cubic foot, color: dark green)

DURAMEDIA® Plastic Low Density 30 (DPLD 30) is a fast cutting resin-bonded plastic media that provides a very bright low micro-inch finish. (75 lbs. /cubic foot, color: maroon)

DURAMEDIA® Plastic Low Density 10 (DPLD 10) is a low density resin-bonded plastic media that produces a low micro-inch preplate finish with very mild cutting action. (68 lbs. /cubic foot, color: blue)

DURAMEDIA® H is an aluminum oxide based higher density ceramic media that is a tough, fast-cutting and efficient media. (110 lbs. /cubic foot, color: tan)