Wheel Blast

60 x 84 Foundry Duty


 Gibson spinner hanger blasting systems provide a cost-effective solution to batch cleaning. They are designed and built for ease of use and efficiency.


Standard Blast Wheel HP

Three-15 HP

Double Air Wash Separator

Two-30 in

Low Abrasive Indicator


Initial Abrasive Fill

6000 lb

Standard Hanger Capacity

1500 lb

Dust Collector CFM Required

4000 CFM

Rotary Screen


Optimal Blast Area Diameter x Height

60 x 72 in

Pitless Design


Standard Machine Height

18 ft 2 in

Standard Machine Width

9 ft 6 in

Standard Machine Depth

10 ft 7 in

Standard Machine Weight

15000 lb

Noise level

85 dB
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