Vibratory Finishing & Grinding



Roto-Max® is a high speed, high energy finishing system for deburring, surface improvement, descaling and finishing of part made from metal, rubber, or plastic. Roto-Max® can reduce vibratory process cycles for deburring of hard metals, rough forgings, castings; yet is gentle enough to provide exceptional surface finishes for jewelry, hardware, and medical implants.

The vortex-shaped path of the mass produces a highly efficient process that is up to 15 times faster than traditional vibratory finishing process.

The Roto-Max® has a unique compound delivery system in the centrifugal disc market. The patented process is called Up Flow®. The name is derived from the compound being added to the bowl from under the media, and the resulting waste exiting through a drain near the top of the media.
Up Flow

The Up Flow® delivery, along with the adjustable seal gap height, greatly lengthen the life of the seal gap over other centrifugal disc machines. The greatest wear to the urethane lining are the particulates that come off the parts and media as it wears. With down flow compound, the particulates are sent through the lining.

Down Flow

With Up Flow® significantly reducing the wear on the urethane, you can expect a Roto-Max® centrifugal disc to have more up time that other centrifugal disc machines.

If your needs require the centrifugal disc to have automated load and unload procedures, please check out the Roto-Max Revolution®.

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