Air Blasting

Single Piece Flow Cell Machines

Empire's single-station cell machines serve as just one example of how we meet the ever-changing demands of manufacturers worldwide. Our cell machines reduce inventory requirements and conserve floor space, giving many customers the winning edge in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

• Powers Part Rotation (3 to 30 rpm)
• Oscillates 4 Blast Guns up to 24”
• Automates Air Blasting Economically

(System can be upgraded with many standard factory options designed to meet your specific productions needs.)

• Powers Part Rotation (3 to 30 rpm)
• Great Buy for Simple Air-Blast Automation

Like Empire’s SPF 3830 System, the 2424 Model delivers the repeatability of automated air blasting, but in a simpler design and at a lower price – all without compromising on essentials such as media reclamation and dust collection.