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ERGO 6060, Ergo-Blast Cabinets


Ergo-Blast cabinets accent the scope of Empire's Pro-Finish® line, the world's most rugged, reliable and versatile blast-cabinet system. By focusing on operator performance, Ergo-Blast cabinets give manufacturers an edge in many hands-on processes.

Designed for sit-down blasting, these ergonomic cabinets include a padded armrest, an elevated foot rest for treadle control, top-entry piping for less arm stress, a sound dampener to reduce noise and a front mounted pressure regulator - all aimed at improving operator comfort and performance during long, repetitive blast cycles.

In addition to supporting operators, Ergo-Blast cabinets include all Pro-Finish® features, such as a tunable media reclaimer which adjusts to recover a wide range of abrasives. You also have the choice of a pressure or suction blast system, three methods of dust collection, and many options to fit your specific application.

    • Reduce Operator Fatigue
    • Extend Productive Working Hours


Interior Dimensions (D x W x H)

60 x 60 x 44 Inch

Overall Dimensions, Cabinet (D x W x H)

62 x 66 x 78 Inch

Door Opening Width

50 Inch

Door Opening Height

40 Inch

Standard Number of Doors


Ceramic Pressure Nozzle, Diameter

3/16 Inch
Silicon Carbide Pressure Nozzle, Diameter1 5/16 Inch

Ceramic Suction Nozzle - Air Jet, Diameter

5/16 to 5/32 Inch

Pressure-Suction Piping, Diameter

1 to 1/2 Inch

Reclaimer Ventilation Rate

900 CFM

Exhaust Fan Motor

2 hp


Popular Options

Popular Options

  • Cartridge & bag-house dust collectors capture 99% of all particles one micron or larger, normally permitting recirculation of air to the workplace
  • Extended-wear options prolong equipment life while minimizing maintenance and downtime. Options include: rubber curtains in black or white; window protectors; heavy-duty, media-conveying duct; and DiCarb® or boron nozzles. Reclaimers can be upgraded with replaceable wear plates and urethane or Ultrawear linings.
  • Automatic bag shaker frees operator for other tasks with bag-house dust collectors.
  • Fully automatic photohelic controls purge dust from cartridge type collectors without operator assistance.
  • Rubber safety mats, placed around Ergo-Blast cabinets, keep the immediate work area clean and reduce operator fatigue.
  • Turntables facilitate handling of heavy parts.

Standard Features

Standard Features

  • Sit-down configuration
  • Padded exterior armrest with swivel control
  • Glove rings with interior armrests
  • Elevated foot rest for control treadle
  • Top-entry blast hose
  • Front-mounted pressure regulator
  • Media-catch trays underneath doors
  • Kleensweep™ for improved visibility
  • Sound attenuator
  • Rubber, cloth-lined gloves
  • 90-watt spotlights
  • Dust-off gun
  • Pneumatic foot-treadle control
  • 14" x 22" safety-glass window
  • General purpose filter
  • Leveling bolts
  • OSHA door switch
  • 14-gauge construction
  • 3/16" perforated floor with 1000-lb capacity
  • Sure-Flo® media regulator (pressure systems)
  • One-cubic-foot ASME pressure vessel (pressure systems)



Three-years limited on parts

Empire Air-Blast Products
  • A complete range of cabinets
  • Robotic, turntable and in-line automation
  • Blast rooms and blast booths
  • Portable blasters
  • A full line of parts and accessories

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