Air Blasting

Pre-Engineered Blast Booths


    • Facilitate Customer Assembly
    • Include a "Tunable" Media Reclaim System
    • Simplify Safety & Environmental Compliance

Available in five sizes, these booths ship flat and can be assembled by three people using a forklift or scissor lift in two days. Because the PEB bolts together and requires no excavation, it can be disassembled and set up at a new site in less than a week.

For many applications requiring strict environmental and safety compliance, Empire's Pre-Engineered Booths offer an attractive alternative to makeshift enclosures or Higher priced blast rooms.

All PEB parts-ranging from the central blast and recovery system to pre-wired electrical connections and 14 gauge wall panels-come from Empire, where they have been engineered and built to work in harmony. This assures balanced performance between components and provides users with a single source of responsibility for overall system performance.



Standard Blast Enclosures

  • 10' Wide x 10' Long x 10' High
  • 10' wide x 14' Long x 10' High
  • 12' wide x 17' Long x 10' High
  • 12' wide x 24' Long x 10' High
  • 12' wide x 31' Long x 10' High
  • 14-gauge, bolt-fastened, steel panels

Pressure Vessel

  • SuperBlast® 350 or 650, ASME construction
  • 780 remote controls with automatic Sure-Flo® grit valve
  • 1-1/4" piping
  • Capacity: 3.5 or 6.5 cubic feet
  • Moisture separator/filter and choke feature
  • Safety interlock solenoid

Blast Equipment

  • Silicone-carbide, venturi nozzle
  • 1"-ID x 25' or 50'-long, heavy-duty blast hose with couplings
  • Saf-Stop II™ pneumatic blast-control handle
  • 30' or 55' dual-line pneumatic control hose

Media Reclaimer

  • Rugged, 11-gauge, welded-steel construction
  • Tunable to various media sizes
  • 800 CFM ventilation

Pressure Blower for Media Recovery

  • 10 hp, 3450 RPM, 800 CFM (at 42" static pressure H2O)
  • 440-480 V, 60 Hz, fused disconnect

Dust Collector for Media Recovery

  • 11-gauge, welded-steel, reinforced construction
  • 189 ft2 filtration through 30 cotton-sateen bags
  • Large access door; raised clean-out door
  • Push-button, pneumatic cleaning

Media Conveying Duct

  • 4" ID x 25' long-Heavy-duty construction

Media Recovery Hopper

  • 14-gauge, welded-steel construction
  • Anti-clogging refuse screen
  • 30" wide x 30" deep x 12" high

Media Storage Hopper

  • 11-gauge, welded-steel construction
  • Viewing window
  • Capacity: 3.5 or 6.5 cubic feet

BVS™ for Booth Ventilation

  • 11-gauge, welded-steel, reinforced construction
  • 1,500 ft2 filtration with 6 cartridges
  • Push-button, pneumatic cleaning
  • 10 hp blower; 230, 460, or 575 V; 60 Hz; fused disconnect

System Options

System Options

  • Cartridge dust collector
  • Automatic dust-cartridge cleaning (photohelic)
  • Sound attenuators/dampers for dust collectors
  • Externally replaceable wear plate for reclaimer
  • Ultrawear reclaimer lining
  • Wear-resistant rubber curtains for interior walls
  • Pre-painted enclosure
  • Rubber floor mats for access areas
  • Extension kits
  • Pit-mounted floor trough

Operator Safety Equipment (Optional)

Operator Safety Equipment (Optional)

  • Air conditioner
  • Air-fed helmet
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) monitor
  • Personal air filter
  • Rugged canvas jacket and pants



Empire Air-Blast Products
  • A complete range of cabinets
  • Robotic, turntable and in-line automation
  • Blast rooms and blast booths
  • Portable blasters
  • A full line of parts and accessories

Information subject to change without notice.

Environmentally Safe

Environmentally Safe

Air-blasting eliminates many of the environmental problems and costs associated with chemical stripping because you don't have to manage or dispose of hazardous liquids.

An Empire blast room provides even greater potential for improving safety and reducing operating costs when you're cleaning, finishing or surface-profiling large workpieces. With the process contained in a specially designed enclosure, blast media and debris are isolated from the external environment. And the operator, equipped with Empire safety gear, is fully protected.
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