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Indexing Tunrtable Machine


Indexing Turntable Machine Features

Because of their versatility, our indexing turntables handle a wide range of high-production jobs at avery attractive cost. Some of the features and options contributing to the unexcelled performance of our indexing turntables are listed below. We can tailor these machines to meet your needs with a minimum of custom engineering.

  • Machines can be equipped with a variety of nozzle/gun configurations ranging from infinitely adjustable holders to horizontal and/or vertical oscillators interfaced with programmable controls.
  • Part-rotation and nozzle-oscillation speeds are adjustable to accommodate a variety of part sizes.
  • Standard machines include an exit vestibule, equipped with a blow-off manifold, and an inlet vestibule.These features separate the operator from the noisy blast environment while increasing production by cleaning the part of residual media and dust during the blast cycle.
  • Pneumatic, vertically sliding doors speed up loading,constrain blast debris and reduce noise when equipped with a sound attenuator.
  • You have the choice of air-blast systems powered by pressure, continuous pressure or suction.
  • A pull-down shade protects the viewing window in the maintenance-access door. Quarter-inch-thick neoprene lining protects the interior of the cabinet,prolonging the life of metal surfaces. A large access door simplifies maintenance.
  • An automatic media-replenishing system boosts productivity by minimizing downtime for refillsand returning clean media to the system for more consistent air-blast results.
  • Replaceable media-return duct features urethane to prolong tube life and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Optional infrared curtain starts and stops blasting automatically. The curtain frees operators to perform other tasks while blasting is in progress.
  • Door, latch and hinges are heavy duty, built to last.
  • Select from three standard models: Empire's 20" table with a space-saving footprint or larger 36" and 48" indexing machines.
  • Specify 6, 12, 18 or 24 work stations depending on the size of the turntable you choose.
  • Machines can be designed for pick-and-place orrobotic loading and unloading of work pieces with the addition of a precision turntable and infrared curtain.
  • Custom fixtures and masking are available to meet special application requirements.

Number of Stations


Capacity per Station

20 lb


48 Inch

Maximum Part Size (dia x height)

20" x 20"

Suction Guns

Up to 24

Pressure Nozzles

Up to 8

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