3D Printed Parts Finishing

We offer 3D printed parts finishing and cleaning to ensure a smooth surface.

Since 3D printing technology builds the final object layer-by-layer, the parts often contain rough surfaces and visible layers that require finishing to strengthen the object and improve cosmetic appearance. We have multiple options to give your parts the smooth finish you desire.  

There are several aspects to consider when selecting the right finishing option for your 3D printed parts. You’ll want to consider materials resistance, end use, compatible finishing materials and the investment. Whether you have small batches of parts or large quantities of parts we can process them efficiently, quickly and economically.


Polishing gives your parts a smoother surface so that the layers are not as visible. This is an affordable option that greatly improves the surface quality.


This is a fast, low-cost option to ensure parts are cosmetically appealing. Finished parts are immersed in hot dye for a consistent color.


This approach improves the finish by making parts less slippery, improves ergonomics, and enhances cosmetic appearance.

For more on our post-processing for 3D-printed parts, contact us.

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